1.   “Snake Shake” Produced Music Video: filmed and created by LaSonrisa Productions   

Snake Shake Video

2.   “Quick Sand” Produced Music Video: filmed and created by Year 2020 Productions 

Quick Sand Video

3.  “Quick Sand”  Live  Quick Sand Live

4.  “Tarantula Taco”  Live  Tarantula Taco Live

5.  “Big Sky”  Live  Big Sky Live

6.  “Wave King”  Live  Wave King Live

7.  “Myan Sun Dance” Live  Myan Sun Dance Live

8.  “Snake Shake”  Live  Snake Shake Live

9.  “Naked Piranha”  Live  Naked Piranha Live

10.  “Water Gunn”  Live  Water Gunn Live

11.  Nathan Stultz sings “I’m Yours”  by Jason Mraz – Live  Nathan Stultz Live